Building Wire - FR-LSH

ULTRACAB FR-LSH is ideal for wiring solutions in multi-storied buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial establishments and residential complexes. It is insulated by a specially formulated FLAME RETARDANT – LOW SMOKE HALOGEN PVC compound.

During fire, ordinary PVC emits black smoke and toxic fumes which are acidic in nature. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations. FR-LSH insulation retards spread of fire and emits minimum smoke and toxic gases, thereby reducing the risk of injury. The wires are drawn from 99.97% pure bright electrolytic grade copper, annealed and bunched together to form high quality conductor. The bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated FLAME RETARDANT – LOW SMOKE HALOGEN compound. During a fire situation, the FR-LSH compound restricts the spread of flame. The smoke emission is also nominal.

SGT wire may be used whenever SAE J-1127 specifies general circuit wiring such as Motorcycles and other motor vehicles for starting, charging, lighting, signal and instrument panel circuits.