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Power Cable : Power cables are designed as per Indian Standards to carry & transmit high current to giant machinery where bulk power is supplied. The Armouring protects the cable from any external mechanical damage. Ultracab manufactures and exports many types of electrical cables that differ in configuration, size, and performance. Our expert engineers can design and manufacture cables to suit required voltage, current , operating maximum temperature and applications as desired by the customer.

Control Cable : Ultracab is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of the control cable. Control Cables are multi-core copper armoured/unarmoured cables used for the transmission of control signals from one equipment to other. Control cables can measure and regulate transmission of automated processes... These cables are that will be continuously flexed in process automation can require different constructions compared to a cable that simply needs to be flexible so that it can be routed in a product correctly and still function properly.

There are many and varied flat and woven cable applications, these include but are not limited to:

Highly used in automobile industry includes engine compartments, boats, tractors, buses, trucks and a wide variety of other applications.

Galaxy offers control cable in the following ranges of technical specifications: