Elevator(Festoon) Cable

Ultracab is one of the top most Elevator Cables Manufacturer & exporter in India offer supreme range of products after continuous research and efforts. highlighting features of our products include cost effectiveness, remarkable

performance, strength, and rugged construction that make our products highly popular in the market.
Elevator cable is a vital link between the elevator car and controller. In conventional elevators, all power and signal information is transmitted through the traveling cable. The vast majority, as much as 95%, of wire and cable produced will be installed in a fixed location. The remainder will be used where some motion is required. Many of these cables are easily replaceable, with no serious consequence of any failure. The remaining flexible cables - in motion during service, such as mining cables, oil well boring cables, crane cables and elevator cables - are expected to last. Elevator cable is a specialized multi-conductor cable continually in motion and must last for many years.
Our elevator cables are coated with non conductive glaze for added stability and minimum noise features. Being trusted Elevator Cables Manufacturers in India, we always use ultra grade raw materials sourced from most trusted vendors in the industry.