House/Building Wires

House Wire / Building Wire Ultracab is the renowned name in the manufacturing house wires – FR, FR-LSH and ZHFR. Our products are highly recommended by influencers like consultants, architects, and builders. We are one of the most recommended electrical building wire manufacturers. Our products are used in domestic market and are also exported throughout the world. We offer competitive pricing and value for money.

We have been in the business of Wires and Cables for more than two decades, and have built our reputation through innovative design features and unflagging dedication to use the best materials and the best manufacturing processes in the production of all cables. Our products like building wire and cables provide safety from short circuits and electric shocks. We always use premium quality of raw materials to ensure that our manufactured products ensure durability and safe wiring for buildings. Our products are admired all over the world because of their high conductivity and insulation properties.