Instrumentation Cables

Ultracab is a pioneer manufacturer in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of Instrumentation Cables. These cables are multiple conductor cables that carry low energy signals used for monitoring or controlling electrical power systems, and their associated processes.

Instrumentation cables are used to transmit signals inside instruments having an operating capacity between 50 to 10,000 Hz . The major application areas of instrument cables are electronic instruments in the industries . Further, Instrument cables are attached with conductors so that electricity may pass through instruments. They are also covered with PVC insulation layers to protect the instruments from unwanted loss.

The instrument cables have a shielded wrapped foil of aluminum mylar tape which prevents the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of external high power lines nearby the field of instrument cables. the EMI of nearby cable can damage, destroy or deteriorate the data signals that the instrument cable is carrying, so the aluminum shield absorbs those external interferences and maintains the smooth flow and exact data transmission in the cable. along with the mylar tape, annealed tinned copper conductors are run with a bunch of cores for the same prevention purpose.

Instrumentation Cables are designed to meet the highest electrical, mechanical & physical requirements and hassle free installation which are required in today’s fast growing verticals such as :•