UL & CUL Approved Cables

Ultracab is one of the prominent manufacturer and exporter in India of UL & cUL wires and cables. UL & cUL are a large certified category of wire and cable that spans over different constructions. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for the US

market & cUL (Canadian Underwriters Laboratory) for the Canadian market categorizes are recognized cables and wires used for domestic as well as commercial purpose.

UL & cUL are commonly used in a variety of Cables such as general-purpose wiring circuits, control circuits and internal wiring of appliances.
In an endeavor to cater to the domestic as well as overseas market, Ultracab has employed ground-breaking technology for the manufacturing of India approved cables. Our UL approved cables India boasts of single-core and multi-core wires. All the UL approved cables are manufactured using tinned annealed electrolytic grade material to make them at par with international standards in terms of specifications and quality.

We at Ultracab are known to offer the best cable solutions in India. The features of the cables are:
Our UL approved cables are used mainly in
● Electrical industry
● Electronics industry